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Out of the darkness of human trafficking and the greed, money, drugs, and power involved, in the cold and lifeless concrete jungle of New York City, RestoreNYC has created something beautifully warm and human.

The Restore label features RestoreNYC's color, and the scent is tailored to represent their work. Each element was carefully considered for its cultural significance, origin in the world, and contribution to the overall fragrance.

The Mammoth Restore fragrance has a warm and natural sweetness that comes from the fig and honey, which keeps the rose from being too dry and dusty, while the vetiver provides a solid foundation of dark earthy greenness and life. 

Mandarin, fig, honey, rose, vetiver

$1 from each tub of Restore sold will be donated to Restore NYC and their mission to end sex trafficking in NY and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. ⁣

NOTE: Restore is presented in a single-wall black Parkway jar, not our usual Colt jar. 

Soap ingredients: stearic acid, water, potassium hydroxide, duck fat, beef tallow, glycerin, babassu oil, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, fragrance, argan oil, murumuru butter, daikon seed extract, tocopherol, silk amino acids, lanolin, hydrolyzed oats, willow bark extract, allantoin.