Stones Eau de Parfum

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Stones was made to represent the strength it takes to push forward when things are uncertain.

I've taken the leather accord from our Almond Leather scent and balanced it with ginger, tobacco, Indonesian vetiver, and sandalwood.

The tobacco accord is full and smooth, with tobacco absolute, tabanon, valspice, coumarex, kephalis, amyl salicylate, and a touch of dark aged patchouli.

The ginger is simply a fresh ginger EO from Madagascar, which provides a lift and slightly spicy character to the heart of the fragrance while lending a bit of woodiness.

Indonesian vetiver provides earthy dark green facets to balance the fragrance. I've emphasized its woody character by adding atlas cedar, timbersilk, and ebanol, which imparts a rich balsamic sandalwood aspect.

The Mammoth Stones scent is devoid of top notes, headless. The various components come together to form a warm, earthy, very real and natural scent that anchors you to the ground the way mammoth-sized stones would.

Because I developed this fragrance in warmer weather, I've taken care to keep the fragrance smooth and not audacious or suffocating, suitable for year-round use.

Ginger, leather, tobacco, Indonesian vetiver, sandalwood 


Note: this product contains alcohol and cannot be shipped outside of the United States.


10% of the purchase price of each edp will be donated to organizations that fight human trafficking.