1/2 oz Tusk sample and 3” vinyl logo sticker

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Grab a sample of our new shave soap base, Tusk!

This shaving soap was designed to be easy to use, while providing beautiful, dense, shiny lather that allows the razor to glide effortlessly. Plenty of skin-loving ingredients for a great-feeling shave every time. Rinses neutral, with no tightness or oily residue. 

Samples are intentionally lightly scented, scents will not be production releases. 

Peach scented samples are in 1/2oz jars. 

Leather-scented samples are in 1oz jars and will appear underfilled.  The extra space is for easy loading with your shave brush of choice.*

The samples are not beautifully loaded into the jars. There is no label, just the word Tusk handwritten on the lid.  Making samples is annoying and this probably won't happen again.

Logo sticker is 3" vinyl, durable and waterproof. 


Tusk ingredients: stearic acid, water, potassium hydroxide, duck fat, beef tallow, glycerin, babassu oil, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, fragrance, argan oil, murumuru butter, daikon seed extract, tocopherol, silk amino acids, lanolin, hydrolyzed oats, willow bark extract, allantoin.


* That was a joke. We recommend you scoop the entire sample into a bowl for easier loading with a damp brush. This soap loads and lathers easily, so you won't need much for a full 3-pass shave.